Light on the Other Side of Divorce

English | 2021 | ISBN: B08N593NL5 | 292 pages | epub | 4.65 MB

Create a Life You Love After DivorceOffering a well-researched and tested method for recovering from the heartbreak of divorce, Dr. Elizabeth Cohen brings her highly successful Afterglow process to you in Light on the Other Side of Divorce. Don’t just move on after you break up-thrive.
You deserve love and affection. Dr. Elizabeth Cohen has been there-she really, truly knows how it feels to have your life derailed by divorce. As a therapist who has worked with hundreds of divorcing clients, she has developed the Afterglow method, which teaches you how to rediscover a life of growth, change, and abundance post-breakup. This program has been informed by her own healing journey and is based primarily on research-supported strategies, resulting in a balanced method that takes advantage of modern psychology and science, while also remembering what it feels like to dive into the emotional divorce-recovery…