Light in the Darkness

English | 2021 | ISBN: 1472274490 | 368 pages | epub | 11.6 MB

A fascinating and thought-provoking investigation into the nature of black holes-a blend of the spiritual, the philosophical, and the scientific-from the premier German astrophysicist who made history in 2018, capturing the first one on film.
A Light in the Darkness is the story of one of the greatest astrological achievements of all time: the first photographic evidence of black holes in April 2018, and its significance for humanity, told by the scientist who accomplished it. A man of faith ordained in the Protestant tradition, Heino Falcke wrestles with the ways in which black holes force us to confront the boundary where human life ends and the celestial begins. He also ponders why black holes are difficult for most of us to understand-comparing it to our inability to envisage our own inevitable death.
Black holes develop in outer space when a massive star dies, and its matter is condensed. That extreme amount of mass contained in…