Enterprise LMS with Adobe Captivate Prime: Design and develop world-class learning experiences

English | 2021 | ISBN: 180107383X | 616 pages | True (PDF EPUB) | 30.56 MB

Discover strategies for publishing online training content, supporting a training platform on a daily basis, evaluating training effectiveness, and ensuring ROI on your organization’s training offering
Key Features

Explore Captivate Prime to publish e-learning content such as videos, SCORM packages, and PPTs online
Discover best practices for creating, managing, and administering an online learning platform
Implement gamification, social learning, and AI-enabled recommendation for an immersive learning experience

Book Description

Adobe Captivate Prime is an enterprise learning management system (LMS) that enables organizations to deliver, manage, and track engaging learning experiences for employees, partners, and customers. This book will help you unlock the full potential of this platform to deliver world-class learning experiences.

Complete with walkthroughs, examples, and strategies to fully understand Captivate Prime, this book will set you on the path to becoming an administrator, author, or teacher and see you experiment with Captivate Prime from different perspectives. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how the features relate to one another and to your business.

After setting up the platform, you’ll learn how to push learning content online and arrange it to build an online course that provides a blended learning experience. You’ll be able to deploy your content to different devices and explore Captivate Prime’s features for monitoring your students’ progress on a daily basis. Finally, you’ll see how to organize and maintain your course catalog and take the learner experience to the next level.

By the end of the book, you’ll be able to implement your organization’s training strategy and provide engaging learning experiences while building meaningful reports to monitor their effectiveness.
What you will learn

Configure and customize Captivate Prime LMS to fulfill your business training needs
Integrate Captivate Prime into your existing IT infrastructure
Manage different types of users such as employees, partners, and customers on your training platform
Publish and organize your learning content to build courses, learning programs, and certifications
Track your students’ progress and manage course instances daily
Organize your learning catalogs to meet the most demanding security and instructional requirements

Who this book is for

This book is for learning and development professionals, HR managers, corporate instructors, LMS admins, and team leaders looking to set up and manage training and development programs for employees, partners, and customers using Adobe Captivate Prime LMS. The book assumes working knowledge of operating systems and the common tools used by most L&D professionals. A beginner-level understanding of online learning platforms will be beneficial.
Table of Contents

Introduction to Adobe Captivate Prime
Customize the Look and Feel of Captivate Prime
Uploading Learning Content and Managing the Content Library
Creating Skills and Courses
Managing Users
Enrolling Learners to Courses
Reviewing the Learner Experience
Exploring the Instructor Role
Configuring and Using Feedback
Reporting in Captivate Prime
Badges and Gamification
Enabling and Managing Social Learning
AI-Powered Recommendations for Learners
Working with Catalogs and Peer Accounts
Working With Messages and Announcements
Exploring the Integration Admin Role