The Official Guide to Mermaid.js: Create complex diagrams and beautiful flowcharts easily using t…

English | 2021 | ISBN: ‎ 1801078025 | 493 pages | True PDF EPUB | 24.84 MB

Get up to speed with using Mermaid diagrams to facilitate a seamless development workflow with the help of real-world examples and expert tips from the creators of the tool
Key Features

Learn how to use and customize the different diagram types in Mermaid
Discover examples of how to add Mermaid to a documentation system
Use Mermaid with various tools available such as editors, wiki, and more

Book Description

Mermaid is a JavaScript-based charting and diagramming tool that lets you represent diagrams using text and code, which simplifies the maintenance of complex diagrams. This is a great option for developers as they’re more familiar with code, rather than using special tools for generating diagrams. Besides, diagrams in code simplify maintenance and ensure that the code is supported by version control systems. In some cases, Mermaid makes refactoring support for name changes possible while also enabling team collaboration for review distribution and updates.

Developers working with any system will be able to put their knowledge to work with this practical guide to using Mermaid for documentation. The book is also a great reference for looking up the syntax for specific diagrams when authoring diagrams.

You’ll start by learning the importance of accurate and visual documentation. Next, the book introduces Mermaid and establishes how to use it to create effective documentation. By using different tools, editors, or a custom documentation platform, you’ll also understand how to use Mermaid syntax for various diagrams. Later chapters cover advanced configuration settings and theme options to manipulate your diagram as per your needs.

By the end of this book, you’ll be well-versed with Mermaid diagrams and how they can be used in your workflows.
What you will learn

Understand good and bad documentation, and the art of effective documentation
Become well-versed with maintaining complex diagrams with ease
Discover how to draw different types of Mermaid diagrams such as flowcharts, class diagrams, Gantt charts, and more
Implement Mermaid diagrams in your workflows
Understand how to set up themes for a Mermaid diagram or an entire site
Get to grips with setting up a custom documentation system

Who this book is for

This book is for content generators such as technical writers, developers, architects, business analysts, and managers who want to learn effective documentation or how to effectively represent diagrams using simple text code snippets and extract them. Familiarity with documentation using Markdown will be helpful, but not necessary.
Table of Contents

The Art of Documentation with Mermaid
How to Use Mermaid
Mermaid Versions and Using the Live Editor
Modifying Configurations with or without Directives
Changing Themes and Making Mermaid Look Good
Using Flowcharts
Creating Sequence Diagrams
Rendering Class Diagrams
Illustrating Data with Pie Charts and Understanding Requirement Diagrams
Demonstrating Connections Using Entity Relationship Diagrams
Representing System Behavior with State Diagrams
Visualizing Your Project Schedule with Gantt Chart Diagrams
Presenting User Behavior with User Journey Diagrams