Data Science Applied to Sustainability Analysis
English | 2021 | ISBN: 0128179767 | 312 pages | pdf, epub | 59.11 MB

Data Science Applied to Sustainability Analysis focuses on the methodological considerations associated with applying this tool in analysis techniques such as lifecycle assessment and materials flow analysis. As sustainability analysts need examples of applications of big data techniques that are defensible and practical in sustainability analyses and that yield actionable results that can inform policy development, corporate supply chain management strategy, or non-governmental organization positions, this book helps answer underlying questions. In addition, it addresses the need of data science experts looking for routes to apply their skills and knowledge to domain areas.

  • Presents data sources that are available for application in sustainability analyses, such as market information, environmental monitoring data, social media data and satellite imagery
  • Includes considerations sustainability analysts must evaluate when applying big data
  • Features case studies illustrating the application of data science in sustainability analyses