Great Sieges in World History  from Ancient Times to the 21st Century

English | 2021 | ISBN: 1440868026 | 321 pages | epub | 7.14 MB

This impressive collection of 100 of the most decisive and important sieges spans human history and covers conflicts in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.
This engaging reference work provides readers with detailed coverage on the sieges that have had the biggest impact on world history. In addition to providing basic factual information, this encyclopedia delves into the historical context and significance of each siege. Readers will be able to identify relationships between entries and observe both the gradual evolution of siege warfare over time, and compare and contrast siege characteristics within and among different historical time periods. The encyclopedia’s expansive scope will broaden readers’ understanding of military history.
The book begins with a preface and an introductory essay that offers a detailed overview of siege warfare throughout history. This is followed by 100 chronological entries on the most significant sieges, beginning with the Siege of Troy (1194-1184 BCE) and ending with the Siege of Mosul (October 17, 2016-July 9, 2017). Each siege entry has a Further Reading section that directs readers to additional information about the siege. Numerous illustrations and maps accompany the text.

  • Provides an invaluable overview of siege warfare throughout human history
  • Offers a chronological format that allows readers to quickly locate individual sieges and place them within the larger context of history
  • Explains how the introduction of new tactics and new weaponry impacted siege warfare throughout history
  • Offers a curated selection of images and maps that provide additional context to the entries and make the book more visually appealing
  • Includes a dozen sidebars that showcase fascinating stories related to sieges