Advanced Calculus and its Applications in Variational Quantum Mechanics and Relativity Theory

English | 2021 | ISBN: 9780367746452| 335 pages | True PDF | 21.31 MB

The first part of this book reviews some key topics on multi-variable advanced calculus. The approach presented includes detailed and rigorous studies on surfaces in Rn which comprises items such as differential forms and an abstract version of the Stokes Theorem in Rn. The conclusion section introduces readers to Riemannian geometry, which is used in the subsequent chapters.

The second part reviews applications, specifically in variational quantum mechanics and relativity theory. Topics such as a variational formulation for the relativistic Klein-Gordon equation, the derivation of a variational formulation for relativistic mechanics firstly through (semi)-Riemannian geometry are covered. The second part has a more general context. It includes fundamentals of differential geometry.

The later chapters describe a new interpretation for the Bohr atomic model through a semi-classical approach. The book concludes with a classical description of the radiating cavity model in quantum mechanics.