I Think and Write, Therefore You Are Confused: Tehnical Writing and The Language Interface

English | 2021 | ISBN: B096KNTTL2 | 185 pages | pdf | 17.45 MB

The importance of good documentation can build a strong foundation for any thriving organization. This reference text provides a detailed and practical treatment of technical writing in an easy to understand manner.

The text covers important topics including neuro-linguistics programming (NLP), experimental writing against technical writing, writing and unity of effect, five elements of communication process, human information processing, nonverbal communication and types of technical manuals.

Aimed at professionals and graduate students working in the fields of ergonomics, aerospace engineering, aviation industry, and human factors, this book:

  • Provides a detailed and practical treatment of technical writing.
  • Discusses several personal anecdotes that serve as real-work examples.
  • Explores communications techniques in a way that considers the psychology of what "works"
  • Discusses in an easy to understand language, stories, and examples, the correct steps to create technical documents.