English | 2021 | ISBN: 0367273055| 275 pages | True pdf | 28.79 MB

This book critically analyzes the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in achieving sustainable development in emerging economies. It brings together recent developments, effective frameworks, business models, and strategies adopted by companies and looks at how they contribute to sustainable business growth. The volume discusses diverse themes such as green marketing for promoting sustainable development; digitization and sustainability concerns; communication strategies for CSR; ethical standards in Indian advertising; microfinance as an instrument for achieving sustainable development; the role of CSR in the Skill India initiative; and CSR activities of Indian listed companies. It also provides solutions to challenges in achieving sustainable development goals at local and global levels.

Drawing on in-depth case studies, the book will be an essential read for corporate professionals, students, and researchers of CSR, management studies, development studies, business studies, economics, environmental studies, green marketing, and sociology. It will also be relevant for policy makers, NGOs, public and private sector corporations, and consultants in sustainability reporting, business ethics, and sustainable development.