Trapshooting The Fast Track To The National Teams!

English | 2021 | ASIN : B092DQ1HFS | 372 Pages | PDF | 64.1 MB

This is a coloured edition of the book Trapshooting The Fast track To The National teams! After more than 50 years of shooting experience and the entire life in veterinary practice, together with my own making of shotgun stocks and fore-ends, I decided to write a manual following nature’s laws to create a ranked high shooter from scratch. My overall understanding comes through my Biathlon shooting, my big bore tactical shooting, my air rifle shooting, my primary education as an artillery officer and my personal experience as a ranked high double trap shooter within my country. The book guides young shooters and shooters who intend to be at the National Teams from their first shots to standing there at the National squads! It’s a complete guide to reaching high levels in a much shorter time – if following the guidance inside in the correct timeline explained! It is a fundamental manual, the only one you need for technical and physical advice when performing different trap sports. You may cut off 2-4 years reaching the national levels when acting within the guidelines described. The descriptions and details inside are meant to take care of the gun’s standard setup, stance building, eye positioning, shots in use, trigger pull settings, hand grips, trigger finger positioning on to the trigger, point of impact settings, etc. It is also the principal guide to biathlon shooters in the cheek support settings, recoil pad configuration, pistol grip shape, trigger finger positioning, prone position clues, head positioning, barrel colour, front sight positioning, blood flow to the eyes, and so on. A “must-have” manual to runner ups at all trap sports and a central guide to the biathlon shooters. It is a superb manual to read to young shooters before purchasing the gun, and all sectors to handle at a trap field are touched. This manual includes the correct training sessions in a timeline to pick the clues and quickly become a ranked high shooter. With such an approach to the sport, you will save a lot of time and money spent on the sport. This manual’s spend is just 5-7 rounds at the shooting range when you think about it! Using the manual correctly, you will get the knowledge and the training required in a timeline that suits confidence building. If you didn’t know it, the primary issue to all of us trapshooters is to create trust. When you have learned the contents inside and know all the small details revealed in this ‘area 51,’ you can set up your timeline and do your training – both physical and at the stations – in a correct timeline and manner to more rapidly reach your goals.