Service Integration and Management (SIAM(TM)) Foundation Body of Knowledge (BoK), 2nd Edition

English | 2021 | ISBN: ‎ 978-1787783102 | 226 pages | epub | 7.23 MB

Prepare for your SIAM(TM) Foundation exam and understand how SIAM can benefit your organization!

SIAM (service integration and management) is an evolution of how to apply a framework for integrated service management across multiple service providers. It has developed as organizations have moved away from outsourced contracts with a single supplier to an environment with multiple service providers.

SIAM supports cross-functional, cross-process and cross-provider integration. It creates an environment where all parties:

Know their role, responsibilities and context in the ecosystem
Are empowered to deliver
Are held accountable for the outcomes they are required to deliver

Service Integration and Management (SIAM(TM)) Foundation Body of Knowledge (BoK), Second edition has been updated to reflect changes to the market and is the official guide for the EXIN SIAM(TM) Foundation certification. This book will help candidates pass their Foundation certification, as well as serve as a useful reference guide once they are implementing SIAM practices.

Suitable for anyone working in ITSM (IT service management), IT, service integration and project management, the book introduces the EXIN SIAM(TM) Foundation syllabus and provides essential reading for the Foundation exam. It also offers a detailed introduction to the SIAM methodology for those who do not want to undertake formal certification.