Men and Miscarriage: A Dad’s Guide to Grief, Relationships, and Healing After Loss

English | 2021 | ISBN: 1510763600 | 154 pages | EPUB | 5.88 MB

From an esteemed author known for battling gender norms and bringing down "man up" culture, comes this essential guide for men and those who love them.
Miscarriage, infertility, and abortion are generally considered women’s issues-and while they are far from uncommon in our society, open conversations surrounding those topics are exceedingly rare. They’re seen as taboo, even distasteful. And that’s just for women.
When it comes to men and how they are impacted by these issues, it’s almost complete radio silence. It’s not that men don’t think about these things or aren’t affected-after all, they make up half of most couples experiencing these issues-it’s that toxic masculinity and gender stereotypes in our society tell men that suffering in silence equals strength and expressing emotions is weakness. It’s men not knowing how to feel, how to express those feelings, or if they’re even allowed to feel this trauma beyond supporting their partner.