Soles of a Survivor: A Memoir

English | 2021 | ISBN: 1510760288 | 315 pages | True EPUB | 14.89 MB

The Unbelievable True Story of a Vietnamese Refugee Who Not Only Made the United States Her Home, But Learned the True Value of Hope and Religion Along the Way
The soles of Nhi Aronheim’s feet still bear the scars of her escape from Vietnam-trudging through the jungles of Cambodia as a twelve-year-old with a group of strangers seeking the land of opportunity: America.

Years later, she returned to Vietnam with a TV reporter to reunite with the family she never thought she’d see again. A second trip to Vietnam brought her two mothers, birth and adopted, face to face. Yet Soles of a Survivor isn’t just another inspirational survival story. It’s about the lessons Nhi learned about humanity and diversity since arriving in the United States. She now has a deeper appreciation for the parallels between the Jewish and Vietnamese cultures, and others. After she met her Jewish beau, they got married. She eventually converted to Judaism, though the process was…