Bread Baking Basics: Recipes for Mastering Bread, Dough, and Flour

English | 2021 | ISBN: 1642505706 | 229 pages | True EPUB | 48.16 MB

Learn simple and fun techniques for making the perfect sourdough, pizza crust and more with this complete beginner’s guide to bread baking.

Author Gregory Berger started making bread as a hobby. Now, he’s an award-winning baker who has created recipes for some of Sacramento’s top restaurants. In Bread Baking Basics, Berger shares his no-fuss, no-fear approach to making the perfect loaf, with easy-to-follow recipes that don’t require digital scales, thermometers, or specialty flours.

Berger shares practical tips on everything from buying yeast to knowing how long to let your dough rest. He also shares inspiring quotes and insights about the joy of mastering new skills. In Bread Baking Basics, you’ll discover:
· The do’s and don’ts of making Sourdough bread starters
· Gluten-free bread recipes and baking tips
· Healthy toast recipes and advice on healthy, local eating
· Creative salad and pizza ideas alongside lessons on moderation and enjoyment