Art of Living Chinese Proverbs and Wisdom: A Modern Reader of the ‘Vegetable Roots Discourse’

English | 2020 | ISBN: 1602201633 | 375 pages | True EPUB | 6.78 MB

Throughout our lives, habits become routines and then powerful rituals. And yet so many of our habits-healthy ones and not-were formed early in our lives or without conscious input. But it is not too late to rewrite the code. The Power of Habits is a comprehensive guide that examines the science of just how the mind creates or quits habits. Inside you’ll find why habits are so crucial for children and how routines and rituals influence romantic relationships. This special edition also unpacks the complex debate behind habit and addiction, underscoring the importance of breaking the stigma behind the disease. Plus, there are insights from some of the world’s rich and famous on how to forge life-changing habits, and a guide to accessible finance habits that anyone can adopt.