Fighting Conviction: A Best Friend’s Sister, Age Gap Romantic Suspense

English | 2021 | ISBN: ‎ B08TQQX3Z2 | 333 pages | epub, azw | 3.91 MB

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They call me Devil.
But I’m haunted by the deaths I’ve caused.
That’s why I’ve hidden who I am.
A failure.
I control everything or I fight to block it out.
If I don’t care, I don’t lose.
But my defenses don’t work on Ellie.
I saved her once. Now she’s learning to save herself.
If only teaching her how didn’t test my control.
She’s my friend’s sister.
Warm. Light. Innocent.
That’s what I need to remember.
All I want is to fuel my angel’s desire.
He calls me angel.
But I’m no one’s saving grace.
I hate what I am.
A victim.
I lost so much before Devil found me.
And I’m afraid of losing what’s left.
But fear made me a coward.
He saved me then. Now he’s teaching me to save myself.
If only he didn’t make me lose control.
He’s my brother’s friend.
Cold. Dark. Forbidden.
That’s what he wants me to think.
All I want is to feel Devil’s burn.

Fighting Conviction is the second novel in the Conviction series of interconnected standalones which have an overarching plot throughout the series, and no cliffhanger for the couple in this book. The series is best enjoyed in order, but not required.
**While Fighting Conviction has an HEA, this read is not for the faint of heart. The Conviction series should be read by mature readers only (18+) and contains sexually explicit scenes, along with descriptions of human trafficking, drugs, strong language, and physical and sexual violence. Reader discretion is advised.**